Five funds for the Year of the Dragon

Staci West – FundCalibre (Equities, Asia & Emerging Markets)

6 February 2024



The Year of the Dragon is typically associated with good luck and fortitude. But can the Chinese stock market roar for investors in 2024 and beyond?


Since ending its three-year lockdown at the beginning of 2023, China’s stock market has been on a wild ride. China funds have faced setbacks due to economic and geopolitical concerns, causing a majority of them to decline by over 45% in the last three years*. Investor worries include rising authoritarianism, a property downturn, deflation risk, and slowing economic growth in China.


In November, foreign direct investment outflows surpassed inflows for the first time since tensions with the US escalated. However, market fluctuations highlight China as a long-term investment, and for those believing in its long-term potential, the current situation may present a favourable entry point.


Though some sectors like real estate face challenges, targeted government stimulus aims to revive the economy. Fidelity anticipates a “controlled stabilisation” in 2024, with the World Bank estimating a 4.5% GDP growth**. Key drivers for the economy, such as expanded services consumption and increased tourism, are expected to contribute positively.



Diversifying your portfolio with exposure to China



China’s significant role in global economic growth is likely to persist. Looking forward to the next five to ten years, while China remains high-risk, long-term investors may find potential for significant rewards. For those comfortable with higher risk and interested in investing in China, starting with a broad global emerging markets or Asian fund is recommended.



Despite a volatile decade for China, the Allianz China A-Shares fund topped the performance table for IA China/Greater China sector, delivering an impressive triple-digit return of 193.60%***. This return is nearly 70% greater than its nearest peer***. The fund concentrates on the stocks of companies that are incorporated in China and that are listed as A-shares on the stock exchanges of Shanghai or Shenzhen.



Invesco Global Emerging Markets is a highly active fund that consists of around 50 best ideas across emerging markets and currently has 22.7% allocated to China****. The managers look to exploit market inefficiencies caused by investor behavioural biases, giving the fund a slight value tilt. The fund has an outstanding long-term track record and has returned over 34% over the last five years^.



Another contrarian fund is the Federated Hermes Asia ex Japan Equity fund which invests in emerging markets within the Asia ex-Japan region. The manager actively invests in stocks that are currently out of favour but which he believes are likely to perform better in the future and currently holds 43% of the fund in China****.



JPMorgan China Growth & Income trust invests in Chinese companies or those which derive a substantial part of their revenues or profits from these territories. The managers are growth-oriented investors who target higher quality companies within their ‘best ideas’ approach to the region, while also paying an income.



The Guinness Asian Equity Income fund is another option for those looking for income in the region. This fund invests in companies across the whole Asia Pacific region, including Australia, and currently has roughly a third of the portfolio invested in China****. The fund has a current yield of 4.6%****.


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