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August 2021 Update – Sustainable Ethical Allocation Portfolios

A strong performance from the quality sustainable funds, powers the Sustainable Ethical Allocation portfolios to their highest levels.

Please read our monthly update on the underlying performance of the portfolios and how the portfolios have performed so far this year……


Complaint Resolution Service

Have you suffered a financial loss due to mismanagement of your Offshore portfolio or policy?

Our Complaints Resolution Service may be able to assist you in gaining financial compensation.

No Win = No Cost

Savings plans

A Regular Savings Plan… or A Savings Trap

Know the facts and your options BEFORE you sign up for a Contractual Savings Plan policy.

Read this article before you commit yourself to locking into what could be a very expensive, inflexible savings product…


The Importance of Investment Timeframe

Time in the Market…… not timing the market.

It is so important that investors understand the importance of having the appropriate timeframe for achieving their financial goals & investment objectives.

Sustainable Ethical Allocation Portfolios

As part of our Portfolio Management Service we offer guidance on the management of 3 different risk controlled, diversified model portfolios.

Read our Monthly Performance Reports

Find out how the portfolios have performed


With interest rates at historical lows, downward pressure on dividends and equity market uncertainty ahead, investors are becoming increasingly attracted to the benefits of structured products.


**New**  Structured Note Investments available now


Barclays Climate Change ESG – 95% Capital Protected


Credit Agricole Tech Income Note – 8.00%p.a.


BBV A Quartertly Classic Note – 16.00%p.a.


Plus a minimum 1.00% commission rebate for clients that invest via Ethical Offshore Investments

Click here for details on our special commission rebate and details of these and other Structured Notes currently available.


The latest news relating to Investments, Taxation, Retirement and Regulatory Changes.

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Blockchain and NFTs: How to make sense of crypto terminology

The language to describe cryptocurrency trading is often cloaked in jargons.

This recent article may assist in getting an understanding of the common terms used……

ESG concept as environmental and social governance with business

Fund managers facing identity crisis amid rising ESG sophistication

Investment firms need to clearly define their ethical investing proposition as investors develop stronger preferences.

Speak with us to learn more about ESG & Social Responsible Investment funds

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The global growth funds hit hardest by the recent sell-off

Global growth, small-caps and sustainable growth funds have been hit the hardest by the recent sell-off in equities amidst rising interest rate fears.

Speak with us to learn more on the short & longer term performance of these types of funds.

A computer popup box screen warning of a system being hacked, compromised software enviroment. 3D illustration.

Why investors should care about cybersecurity

Here’s why investors should consider cyber preparedness in their investment decisions and how Schroders has engaged on the topic.

Ask about the range of regulated specialist funds and ETF’s that investors can access to invest in companies protecting others from Cyber Crime.


Ashworth-Lord: If Cristiano Ronaldo were a fund, he’d be Buffettology

The founding manager of CFP SDL UK Buffettology tells Trustnet about the most exciting investment in the fund, and his plan of action if it ever becomes too big.

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Terry Smith: Why some CEOs are better investors than most fund managers

The Fundsmith Equity manager says that as a long-term investor, he is in effect sub-contracting to the CEOs of the companies he invests in.

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Innovation is unlocking new potential in health care

Biotech and telehealth are among the key areas shaping the future of health care, particularly in emerging markets.

An information marketing communication issued by Capital Group provides 10 trends that they see emerging.

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Evergrande’s equity is worthless – but its failure is not a systemic risk

As it emerges that Chinese property developer Evergrande may default on $300bn of debt, Aubrey Capital Management’s Rob Brewis says he is not worried about contagion.

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