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Trade the Tape – Have Jobs Slowed Enough for the Fed to Pause?

Helping you to simplify markets and identify opportunity….

Adrian Tout provides his regular commentary of where the US markets are at the moment, what is influencing the market activity and where he believes offers opportunity (or risk) in a simple, easy to understand commentary.

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Global Exposure for a Fraction of the Cost

Investment Charges – How much is it really costing you & your future.

Our simple solution keeps more of the investment growth in your pockets which increases your wealth

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Core and satellite investing explained

There are many ways to build an investment portfolio.

FundCalibre explains the Core Satellite method of portfolio construction


Complaint Resolution Service

Have you suffered a financial loss due to mismanagement of your Offshore portfolio or policy?

Our Complaints Resolution Service may be able to assist you in gaining financial compensation.

No Win = No Cost

Sustainable Ethical Allocation Portfolios

As part of our Portfolio Management Service we offer guidance on the management of 2 different risk controlled, diversified model portfolios, as well as a low cost Index ETF portfolio.

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Find out how the portfolios have performed


With interest rates at historical lows, downward pressure on dividends and equity market uncertainty ahead, investors are becoming increasingly attracted to the benefits of structured products.


**New**  Structured Note Investments available now


Morgan Stanley 100% Capital Protected Autocall: 9.45%pa.


BNP Paribas S&P 500 index – 95% Capital Protected Note


Barclays 3 Year Fixed Income: 6.70%pa



Plus a minimum 1% commission rebate for clients that invest via Ethical Offshore Investments

Click here for details on our special commission rebate and details of these and other Structured Notes currently available.


The latest news relating to Investments, Taxation, Retirement and Regulatory Changes.

Wisdom Tree oil

What’s Hot: Is Oil Headed for $100 or returning to $75?

With oil prices reaching their highest levels since November 2022, Wisdom Tree look at what could influence further rises…. or a significant pull back.

Speak with us to learn about the many investment tools available to invest in both a rising or falling oil market….

Fees cover

Fund fees: How much is too much..?

Trustnet: Experts explain how to assess whether a fund is too expensive or not and cap their spending limit on charges.

We encourage investors to query the charges they are paying & speak with Ethical Offshore to see how you can keep more of your investment growth, in your pocket..!!

Solar essex front cover pic

Former rubbish dump in Essex becomes UK’s third largest solar farm

Ockendon solar farm to generate enough clean electricity to power the equivalent of 15,000 homes

Want to invest in Solar Energy – speak with Ethical Offshore & find out about the many opportunities available.


Guinness Sustainable Energy Report – Building efficiency: critical to the energy transition

In this latest edition the Guinness Sustainable Energy Fund report, the Managers provide their views and forecasts for this exciting sector of the market.

Bank of England front page

How the Bank of England’s 25 basis point rate rise will affect your finances

Trustnet looks at the likely implications of the BoE’s latest interest rate hike.

This could be quite favourable for retirees taking out annuity pensions……

berkshire-hathway-warren-buffett cover pic

Berkshire Hathaway’s operating earnings rise nearly 7%, cash pile approaches $150 billion

Berkshire Hathaway on Saturday reported a solid increase in second-quarter operating earnings…….. while the cash hoard at Warren Buffett’s conglomerate swelled to nearly $150 billion.

Gold price top image pic

Gold could hit record high of $2,500, says WisdomTree

Gold is on track to hit a new record high of $2,225 per ounce by this time next year…. according to WisdomTree.

Speak with Ethical Offshore to see how you can get access to physical gold with very low costs.

Fundsmith buy good dont overpay do nothing

Fundsmith Equity Fund – 2023 Semi-annual Letter to Shareholders

As a long term favourite of many investors, this letter is a good read to understand what companies have been positive, and negative to the recent performance of one of the largest (& more successful) global equity funds available.

Active Solar front page

Why is Solar the Big Winner of the Energy Revolution?

News for the month of June 2023 from the managers of the Active Solar Fund.

Contact Ethical Offshore Investments on how to get exposure to this exciting energy transition….

7 deadly sins

The seven deadly sins of investors: Avoid these common investing mistakes

Bestinvest’s Adrian Lowery warns of seven key investing sins that should be avoided.

And Ethical Offshore Investments is here to help….

Credit Suisse articles front page

What does the Credit Suisse fallout mean for bond holders?

It’s not often the Swiss Central Bank makes headlines. It is even more rare that bonds are a subject of breaking news.

What happened? Why was it a shock? And what does it mean for bond holders? We try to explain…

UK Spring budget cover

Jeremy Hunt’s UK Spring Budget 2023 speech in full

The UK chancellor has just delivered his first Budget.

Here’s what he said.

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