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Are Commodities Telling US Something..??

Helping you to simplify markets and identify opportunity….

Adrian Tout provides his regular commentary of where the US markets are at the moment, what is influencing the market activity and where he believes offers opportunity (or risk) in a simple, easy to understand commentary.


Complaint Resolution Service

Have you suffered a financial loss due to mismanagement of your Offshore portfolio or policy?

Our Complaints Resolution Service may be able to assist you in gaining financial compensation.

No Win = No Cost

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Global Exposure for a Fraction of the Cost

Investment Charges – How much is it really costing you & your future.

Our simple solution keeps more of the investment growth in your pockets which increases your wealth

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Core and satellite investing explained

There are many ways to build an investment portfolio.

FundCalibre explains the Core Satellite method of portfolio construction

Sustainable Ethical Allocation Portfolios

As part of our Portfolio Management Service we offer guidance on the management of 2 different risk controlled, diversified model portfolios, as well as a low cost Index ETF portfolio.

Read our Monthly Performance Reports

Find out how the portfolios have performed


With interest rates at historical lows, downward pressure on dividends and equity market uncertainty ahead, investors are becoming increasingly attracted to the benefits of structured products.


**New**  Structured Note Investments available now


BBVA Mega Tech Fixed Coupon – 10.00%pa


CIBC – 100% Capital Protected on the S&P 500 Index


UBS – Memory Income – 8.35%pa



Plus a minimum 1% commission rebate for clients that invest via Ethical Offshore Investments

Click here for details on our special commission rebate and details of these and other Structured Notes currently available.


The latest news relating to Investments, Taxation, Retirement and Regulatory Changes.

Savings plans

A Regular Savings Plan… or A Savings Trap

Know the facts and your options BEFORE you sign up for a Contractual Savings Plan policy.

Read this article before you commit yourself to locking into what could be a very expensive, inflexible savings product…

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Investing in technology: Beyond the IT sector

Investing in technology is investing in the future.

But as this article highlights, there is more to it than just the IT sector. Speak with Ethical Offshore to see how you can access the investment opportunities in the exciting technology sectors.

UK-General-Election-2024-Topic-Hub - main

The UK General Election and your finances

How could the 4 July general election affect savings and investments?

This Trust Net article summarises some of the issues that may cause concern for UK portfolios and retirement strategies

Red Flag Warning - cover2

The red flags retail investors should look out for

Experts reveal what signals retail investors should monitor to avoid pitfalls with their fund selection.

Speak with Ethical Offshore if you have concerns with your current fund holdings – Socially Responsible Investing / Ethical Business Standards

Positive change article 1

Fund Insight – Baillie Gifford Positive Change

A +95% return over the past 5 years…. impressive, but the road to this growth has been anything but smooth.

We look into the Baillie Gifford Positive Change fund.

Carry on investing - cover photo

The chart showing why you should keep calm and carry on investing

There are plenty of logical reasons why investors might want to shift out of stocks but the data tells us not to.

Why it is important investors take a long term, quality approach with their wealth accumulation….. and Ethical Offshore can provide guidance on this.

Investing in te next wave of AI

Investing in the next wave of artificial intelligence

In the landscape of technological advancement, 2023 emerged as a pivotal year marking the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence.

So what do the leading Fund Managers think….. read their comments in this FundCalibre report.


Top 7 reasons to use the Ardan International Platform

Flexibility & Security…..

Speak to us to see how the flexible Ardan Platform can assist you in managing your wealth as well as your Estate & Succession Planning requirements

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Why World Water Day Matters…

World Water Day…..

In this article fund manager Simon Clements of the Sustainable Future Investment team discusses just how vital it is for life and why improving the management of water is a key investment theme for the team.

Gold for 2024

Is 2024 the year of the goldilocks scenario?

The gold price reached a record high earlier this month. But is this only the start of the next bull run in the precious metal.

Speak with Ethical Offshore to see how you can access the funds mentioned (plus many more) in a very cost effective way.

no clue on rates cut main pic

Investors have no clue when central banks will cut rates

We need to stop kidding ourselves – our forecasting is dreadful.

Why it is important investors take a long term, quality approach with their wealth accumulation….. and Ethical Offshore can provide guidance on this.

UK recession front cover pic

UK slips into recession as economy contracts 0.1% in December

Should investors be concerned that the UK has entered into a technical recession..??

Speak with Ethical Offshore to see how you can diversify your portfolio to reduce your risk….. and lower your fees.

We provide ongoing professional investment management services for our global clients

Sustainable Investing using Ethical Business Practices. Let our experienced consultants speak to you about a personalised plan to:

  • Implement a flexible, personalised wealth management strategy
  • Reduce your investment costs so more of your money stays in your pocket
  • Avoid costly and inflexible structures
  • Receive personal communication from your dedicated consultant to ensure that your goals & financial objectives are being met
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