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2021 Half Yearly Update – Sustainable Ethical Allocation Portfolios

The Sustainable Ethical Portfolios continue to power ahead…….

Our performance review shows how sticking with the strategy has benefited your wealth creation.

Please read our half year portfolio performance update and see how you too can benefit from Sustainable Investing using Ethical Business practices…


Complaint Resolution Service

Have you suffered a financial loss due to mismanagement of your Offshore portfolio or policy?

Our Complaints Resolution Service may be able to assist you in gaining financial compensation.

No Win = No Cost

Savings plans

A Regular Savings Plan… or A Savings Trap

Know the facts and your options BEFORE you sign up for a Contractual Savings Plan policy.

Read this article before you commit yourself to locking into what could be a very expensive, inflexible savings product…


The Importance of Investment Timeframe

Time in the Market…… not timing the market.

It is so important that investors understand the importance of having the appropriate timeframe for achieving their financial goals & investment objectives.

Sustainable Ethical Allocation Portfolios

As part of our Portfolio Management Service we offer guidance on the management of 3 different risk controlled, diversified model portfolios.

Read our Monthly Performance Reports

Find out how the portfolios have performed


With interest rates at historical lows, downward pressure on dividends and equity market uncertainty ahead, investors are becoming increasingly attracted to the benefits of structured products.


**New**  Structured Note Investments available now


Morgan Stanley Prime Growth Note – 10.00%p.a.


BNP Paribas Tech Income Note – 8.06%p.a.


BBV A Global Enhanced Income Note – 9.00%p.a.


Plus a minimum 1.00% commission rebate for clients that invest via Ethical Offshore Investments

Click here for details on our special commission rebate and details of these and other Structured Notes currently available.


The latest news relating to Investments, Taxation, Retirement and Regulatory Changes.


2020’s winning funds fall down the rankings – but how far?

Halfway through the year, Trustnet finds out how the funds that made 2020’s highest returns are holding up in a very different market…

crypto scam

How to spot… & avoid… cryptocurrency scams

Many people have been duped out of millions of dollars from Crypto Currency scammers….

A recent article published on Yahoo UK Finance may help to inform how to spot, and more importantly avoid Crypto Currency Scams.

Ardan site

Ardan International Platform awarded a ‘Strong Rating’ by AKG

Low cost & easy to understand fee structure with No Lock-in periods, access over 80,000 different investment assets plus 11 different currencies… Ardan Platform provides flexible investment opportunities for the expat investor…


Is Bitcoin worth Zero..?? Black Swan author Nassim Taleb thinks so

‘Black Swan’ author Nassim Taleb says bitcoin is worth zero and fails as a currency and a hedge


The ‘B’ word……….. Should investors still worry about Brexit after five years?

On the five-year anniversary of the Brexit referendum, Trustnet asks market commentators and fund managers about the impact it has had on the UK market and what it means for investors looking ahead.

BG Scottish Mtge news

Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust Betting on Long Term Growth

Baillie Gifford’s James Anderson, Tom Slater and Lawrence Burns discuss three areas where they are heavily investing into for long-term growth in the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust.

Scottish Mortgage

“Investment management is irretrievably broken” – Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust

James Anderson shares his blunt views on the investment management industry in his final review as manager of the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust.


Turmoil hits the markets again…. Will this provide another opportunity for longer term investors..??

After yesterday’s global market falls, is this the start of the end for investors..?? Or once again, an opportunity to take advantage of a bad situation.

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