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Sustainable Ethical Allocation Portfolios – September Update

The quality of the underlying assets and the Fund Managers has once again resulted in superior portfolio performance this month…….. this Quarter…….. this Year


Turmoil and Opportunity

With all of this turmoil & negativity this year, Global Discovery is up 35% for 2020…… read how the earlier turmoil resulted in opportunity.

Sustainable Ethical Allocation Portfolios

As part of our Portfolio Management Service we offer guidance on the management of 3 different risk controlled, diversified model portfolios.

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Find out how the portfolios have performed

Investment News

The latest news relating to Investments, Taxation, Retirement and Regulatory Changes.


How to reduce paying tax on your investments if you are returning to Australia…

Pay Less Tax on your investments… Take advantage of Global Investment Products to reduce, or even eliminate Australian tax on your investment portfolio. All this while still having full control of your invested assets.

Savings plans

A Regular Savings Plan… or A Savings Trap

Read this article before you commit yourself to locking into what could be a very expensive, inflexible savings product…
Know the facts and your options BEFORE you sign up for a Contractual Savings Plan policy.


No upfront or establishment costs… But are you being charged more elsewhere??

The obvious question that needs to be asked is if there are no fees or charges, how then are advisers, consultants, brokers getting paid?


Transparency… What is the real cost of investing?

As part of our Ethical approach in doing business, we ensure that potential clients are fully informed of the charges that they will be subject to……. We advocate Full Transparency.

The Importance of Investment Timeframe

The Importance of Investment Timeframe

A situation that we work very closely with clients is that of their investment timeframe. When investing in growth funds and portfolios such as the Sustainable Ethical Allocations, investors need to make sure that they have a suitable timeframe. 


Within this turmoil, is there opportunity??

While our Sustainable Ethical Allocation Portfolios have been able to perform better than the general markets, this first quarter of 2020 has seen portfolio values reduce. But does this now present itself as an opportunity to take advantage of the current market situation? 


What is Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)?

ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance refers to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and societal impact of an investment in a company or business.

solarfarm - Socially responsible investing (SRI)

What is Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)?

SRI or social investment is any investment strategy which seeks to consider both financial return and social/environmental good to bring about social change regarded as positive by proponents.


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