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Adrian Tout provides his regular commentary of where the US markets are at the moment, what is influencing the market activity and where he believes offers opportunity (or risk) in a simple, easy to understand commentary.


Complaint Resolution Service

Have you suffered a financial loss due to mismanagement of your Offshore portfolio or policy?

Our Complaints Resolution Service may be able to assist you in gaining financial compensation.

No Win = No Cost

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Global Exposure for a Fraction of the Cost

Investment Charges – How much is it really costing you & your future.

Our simple solution keeps more of the investment growth in your pockets which increases your wealth

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Core and satellite investing explained

There are many ways to build an investment portfolio.

FundCalibre explains the Core Satellite method of portfolio construction

Sustainable Ethical Allocation Portfolios

As part of our Portfolio Management Service we offer guidance on the management of 2 different risk controlled, diversified model portfolios, as well as a low cost Index ETF portfolio.

Read our Monthly Performance Reports

Find out how the portfolios have performed


With interest rates at historical lows, downward pressure on dividends and equity market uncertainty ahead, investors are becoming increasingly attracted to the benefits of structured products.


**New**  Structured Note Investments available now


Goldman Sachs – 100% Capital Protected Note: 6.75%pa.


BNP Paribas – 100% Capital Protected on the S&P 500


Societe Generale Electric Vehicle Enhanced Income – 20.80%pa



Plus a minimum 1% commission rebate for clients that invest via Ethical Offshore Investments

Click here for details on our special commission rebate and details of these and other Structured Notes currently available.


The latest news relating to Investments, Taxation, Retirement and Regulatory Changes.

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UK slips into recession as economy contracts 0.1% in December

Should investors be concerned that the UK has entered into a technical recession..??

Speak with Ethical Offshore to see how you can diversify your portfolio to reduce your risk….. and lower your fees.

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Guinness Sustainable Energy Report – 2024 Outlook for Sustainable Energy

Guinness Global Managers provide their views and forecasts of the Sustainable Energy sector for 2024.

Get low cost access to their Sustainable Energy strategy via Ethical Offshore Investments.

Five funds for the Year of the Dragon - cover pic

Five funds for the Year of the Dragon

FundCalibre provide an article from their Asian & Emerging Market analysts, on 5 Asian Funds for the Year of the Dragon

Speak with Ethical Offshore to see how you can access the funds mentioned (plus many more) in a very cost effective way.

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Nuts about Brazil: Latin America’s largest economy is having its moment in the sun

Falling inflation – Falling rates and Fiscal repair… the backdrop the developed world is aspiring too.

Alison Savas from Antipodes explains why there is a lot to like with investing in Brazil

Gold Bullion front page

Gold Investing – a simple & cost effective solution

Xavier Blaise, financial adviser for OIBME Asia Ltd, provides an article to explain a simple and cost effective way of investing in Gold.

Will ESG 2024 photo

Will ESG deliver in 2024?

A recent article from Fund Calibre and their thoughts on how ESG investments may perform in 2024

Speak with Ethical Offshore and explore the wide range of high quality Social Responsible Investments that are available, and can be accessed commission free.

fundsmith buy good

Fundsmith Equity Fund 2023 Annual Letter to Shareholders

As a long term favourite of many investors, this annual letter to investors is a good read to understand what companies have been positive, and negative to the recent performance of one of the largest (& more successful) global equity funds available.

Online wealth creation and management for sustainable growth, asset allocation and investment concept : Boxes of financial products e.g bonds, commodities, stocks, mutual fund, ETFs, REITs on a laptop

How to rebalance your portfolio and diversify the right way

A study by Orbis Investment counsellor Rob Perrone has shown that investors that misunderstand the benefits of good diversification could be costing them between 1.8% – 3% of performance annually.

Speak with Ethical Offshore now to make sure that your portfolio is not only well diversified, but also using the most cost effective funds.

Emerging trends article photo

Emerging trends: 2024 landscape for global equities

An article from FundCalibre, where specialist Global Fund Managers provide insight on where they think the trends are for 2024.

Speak with Ethical Offshore to see how you can access the funds mentioned (plus many more) in a very cost effective way.

Sustainable investors image - cover

Five lessons from 2023 for sustainable investors

Investors should navigate the volatile cycle of exuberance and disappointment by diversifying across the whole transition to a sustainable economy.

Read the article published by TAM Asset Management

Cyber Crime

Tackling Cybercrime – A guide

So far this year, cybercrime has cost businesses worldwide over $ 8 Trillion….

This guide is designed to help you identify & prevent attacks by explaining the steps you can take to protect your business & your customers

Wisdom Tree oil

What’s Hot: Is Oil Headed for $100 or returning to $75?

With oil prices reaching their highest levels since November 2022, Wisdom Tree look at what could influence further rises…. or a significant pull back.

Speak with us to learn about the many investment tools available to invest in both a rising or falling oil market….

We provide ongoing professional investment management services for our global clients

Sustainable Investing using Ethical Business Practices. Let our experienced consultants speak to you about a personalised plan to:

  • Implement a flexible, personalised wealth management strategy
  • Reduce your investment costs so more of your money stays in your pocket
  • Avoid costly and inflexible structures
  • Receive personal communication from your dedicated consultant to ensure that your goals & financial objectives are being met
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