Fundsmith Equity Fund – 2023 Semi-annual Letter to Shareholders





Fundsmith published Terry Smith’s semi-annual letter to the shareholders of the Fundsmith Equity Fund today. In case you would be interested in reading it, a copy can be found here:




Fundsmith Equity Fund 2023 Semi-Annual Letter to Shareholders



At Ethical Offshore Investments, we have been long term supporters of the Fundsmith Equity Fund and the way that the fund managers invest in high quality, global companies. The style and discipline of the management of this fund has rewarded investors well, significantly outperforming its peers and the various global indices.


Below is the performance of the Fundsmith Equity Fund over the past 10 years:

  1. Fundsmith Equity Fund I Acc – 14.3%pa
  2. IA Global Index – 8.7%pa
  3. FTSE UK All Share Index – 5.1%pa
  4. FTSE All World Index – 11.0%pa


Important information:

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At Ethical Offshore Investments, our clients can access the highly rated Fundsmith Equity Fund and not be subject to additional entry or exit fees. As we aim not to use commission paying funds, we will access the lowest charging version of the managed fund that is available on the relevant platform…… resulting in more of the investment growth staying in your pocket.



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