Top 7 reasons to use the Ardan International Platform

Flexibility with Security……. we explore the key reasons for choosing the Ardan International Platform


Rather than trying to track your investments across various institutions, each with their own dealing processes, paperwork and charging structures, you and your financial adviser can manage them all efficiently, securely and in a cost effective way through the Ardan International Platform.



1. Group Strength



Being part of IFGL means that when you choose the Ardan wealth management platform, you can enjoy the reassurance and security of being part of a Group that has over 216,000 customers, US$ 25 billion assets under administration and employs more than 570 staff (as at 31 December 2023) 







2. The Ardan Platform is multi-currency


Your portfolio(s) can hold cash in up to 11 currencies at the same time and portfolios can hold assets on the same basis. Portfolios can trade assets in multiple currencies, you can move monies between currency accounts and change the reporting currency at any time without cost. You have the flexibility to change the base currency at anytime.


Ardan also offer an easy to use online FX facility with very competitive rates.





3. Single access to multiple portfolios


The Ardan platform is suitable whether you are an individual, trustee or corporate entity. Each can hold multiple portfolios. You can hold everything in one place, under one platform log-in, which means it is easy to keep a bird’s eye view of your wealth.







4. Asset availability



The Ardan Platform is fully open architecture, so you can hold funds (institutional and retail), ETF’s, equities (listed on major stock exchanges) as well as specialist fixed term Structured Notes







5. Safeguarding your money



Your investments and monies are safeguarded by us in line with best global practice and the stringent rules and guidelines of the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority.






6. Simple charging structure



Ardan’s charges are fully transparent and competitive. The Ardan online technology increases efficiency and lowers the cost of managing a portfolio. 







7. Free Beneficiary Trust


We strongly feel its imperative for an offshore platform to have a Beneficiary Trust available in order to order to avoid the complex and timely process of probate and distribution of assets on death.


Also, no assets are sold in the event of death allowing one portfolio to be easily split up into multiple portfolios for each beneficiary.




The Ardan Platform provides a flexible, cost effective option for the international and mobile investor. This platform can be a useful tool to help structure not only your portfolio management, but to also structure your Estate & Succession Planning strategies.  




Please speak to Ethical Offshore Investors or your personal adviser BEFORE you make any investment decision based on the information contained within this article.


As we aim not to use commission paying funds, we will access the lowest charging version of the managed fund that is available on the relevant platform…… resulting in more of the investment growth staying in your pocket.


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